This is a blog for those of us who know in our bones that something’s amiss with our Earth, even as the culture we’re embedded in ignores, denies, and/or dismisses any mention of what we know we know. We are not crazy; we are correct.

Whether we’ve choked on the smoke from drought worsened wildfires along the front range of the Rocky Mountains, or braced for another super hurricane on the Gulf or East Coasts, or been buried beneath unprecedented snowfalls in New England, or watched crops wither across the Midwest, or worried about the dropping water levels of the Colorado River that sustains most of life in the desert Southwest, or bailed out after rivers of rain swamped the Pacific Northwest….

it is time to face up to what we know: that life-ways based on fossilized sunshine (coal, gas, oil) are releasing gases that are blanketing our planet and upsetting the delicate atmospheric balance upon which life depends.

Those who deny climate change are really saying that they won’t change their behavior, take responsibility for their part in the problem, and/or become part of the solution.

It is time to reclaim our power from those who are profiteering from destroying the planet, and then convincing us this is natural. It’s not.

One by one by two by four by fourteen by four hundred thousand: we the people are standing up to the powers and principalities that are in control of our congress and the corporate media that keeps us distracted from the coming climate crisis by selling us more carbon intensive stuff.

The columbine that grace this site live in the high country of Colorado. This delicate wildflower is my special connection to the knowing I can tap into only in the natural world. I check up on this specific field of columbine each summer I spend in Denver, because climate research predicts that, as the planet warms, these alpine wildflowers will be replaced the sage that is part of the desert landscape where I spend the other seasons.

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